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Learn English/Hindi/Telugu Typing in 24 Hours.

Anupama keeps you curious and engaged till you are surprised with the joy of seeing the Certificate of Success. All it takes is just 24 Hours of practice and you’ve learnt the art of touch typing - for life. Those 24 Hours that passed in a flash would be cherished by you all through your career and leisure work on the computer. They impart the essential keyboarding skills that keep you ahead in all your work. With Anupama, learning touch typing is a fun, motivating, and engaging experience!

Anupama Typing Tutor Software is a comprehensive tool designed to help you learn touch typing on a computer effortlessly. It teaches Hindi and Telugu typing in the Government of India standardized InScript (Indic Script) keyboard layout. It offers a unique 24-hour learning format, where you can practice and learn typing on a computer in just 24 hours of dedicated practice. This software course provides correct typing and finger positioning techniques right from the start. It is divided into four age-group-based learning levels and is ideal for all types of users to learn and acquire typing skills.

With simple instructions and guided finger positioning, even beginners can quickly grasp the basics and learn typing. Keeps you engaged and motivated throughout your typing journey. The lessons are designed to grab your attention and make learning enjoyable. Offers enriching content that helps enhance your language skills. It includes exercises on word power, common errors, idioms & phrases, beautiful poetry, inspiring stories and more. The software provides detailed reports that show your accuracy, speed, and areas for improvement. This allows users to track their progress and improve their typing skills easily. On successful completion of the course, Anupama Software generates an impressive Certificate of Success with the details of the student and the progress achieved.

Suitable for all, including the Visually Impaired. 'Anupama Software for the blind and visually challenged' Version offers TTS (Text-to-speech) capabilities, so that visually impaired and blind people can also learn typing skills without any hassle. Anupama obliterates the barriers for the blind in learning Computer keyboard skills.

"You had spent the entire preschool years learning the art of writing on paper. In this digital era, learning the art of writing on the computer is an indispensable skill. It is never too late to learn."-Anupama


English TT

Learn English typing on computer in 24 Hours with Anupama, the world's best typing tutor software.

Hindi TT

Learn Hindi typing on computer in 24 Hours with Anupama, the world's best typing tutor software.

Telugu TT

Learn Telugu typing on computer in 24 Hours with Anupama, the world's best typing tutor software.

Tamil TT

Learn Tamil typing on computer in 24 Hours with Anupama, the world's best typing tutor software.

Students SHOUT-OUT for Anupama


Photo of Suresh Reddy

Suresh Reddy

Everyone should be learning with Anupama! It’s the best software and you learn very quickly. In just 17 hours of practice I feel like I have mastered the keyboard.

Photo of Sharika


Anupama is the best touch typing tutor software that lets you learn in a very short span of time. Within 24 hours you master the computer keyboard.

Photo of Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar

In most places you learn using a typewriter but here you learn with a brand new software which lets you attain the speed you want very quickly.

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